Custom Steering Wheels and Bezel Policy

Steering Wheel, Oem Bezel Information
Any Vehicle.


You have 3 options when choosing to purchase a custom steering wheel, Bezels, from us. The options are:

1. Customer Supply: This means you would be responsible in sending us a wheel and Bezel to customize to your approved specs.

2. G4werkz Supply: This means that G4werkz will supply the wheel and Bezel. If this option is chosen, you wouldn’t have to send in your wheel and bezel for us to customize to your approved specs. .

3. Core Exchange: This means that G4werkz will supply the wheel and Bezel. If this option is chosen, you wouldn’t have to send in your wheel and bezel for us to customize to your approved specs, we would supply the wheel and bezel. We will charge you a core charge fee (This fee does vary depending on the vehicle). Once you receive our wheel and bezel and install it, you would have 7 days to return your oem wheel and bezel, same style will that was shipped to you. When you choose the core exchange, we would have to order the oem wheel for you. Production ETA doesn't start until we are in possession of your oem wheel CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTAGE RETURNING TO G4WERKZ. Once we receive a wheel and bezel that’s not broken or bent, we will supply the refund to the same method of payment that was funded by.

G4werkz will verify the exact wheel before order is being placed. Once the customer has agreed to the order and agreed to the OEM wheel then order can't be canceled or changed
Customizable Wheel


It’s extremely important that you finalize your customization correctly. Once started, we can’t change the options. Any option that can be changed will be subjected to a fee determined by G4werkz. Any damage with the wheel must be reported within 24 hours or receiving the wheel. Any issues with fitment must be reported within 7 days of receiving the vehicle. If your oem vehicle has the HEATING FUNCTION, this function will not work once the wheel is modified..



G4werkz guarantee that the wheel will be made as described with no issues with carbon finish once delivered. The actual OEM wheel is a used or recondition wheel with no structural issues. LED wheels are tested before leaving our factory and will guarantee to work. Professional installation is recommended. Any defects that happen to the wheel within 72 hours will be look at on a case to case bases. If you have any issues with our product you must report damage, or incorrect item placed within 24 hours of receiving the product. Anything after will void any communication in regards to product that is deemed to be a mistake by G4werkz.

Non Warranty related issues: (NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY)

1. Fading of the carbon fiber

2. Cracking of the carbon fiber

3. Cracking of the Leather or Suede Material

4. LED screen cracks or not working

 These issues are subjective since the issue could be customer related. You’re responsible for protecting the surface of your wheel, costing, wax and daily, cleaning. Protection from direct sunlight all or steps that need to be done 




Shipping Times

Our shipping times are just ETA (Estimate Time Of Arrival) Which means it may take longer for customer parts to be completed. We guarantee that customer steering wheel production wont exceed 90 days. We will be in communication with said customer if issues occur. 14-21 Business days ETA for customer wheel orders that doesn't include G4werkz obtaining the core if the customer has choosen the (Refundable Core Exchange) No refunds are given for customer steering wheel order. If we quote you just a production time, that means that shipping isn’t normal and we have no control of shipping. Once product is finished, customer is responsible for requesting shipping quote by email. Customer steering wheel orders can not be changed once order has been placed..



These Steering wheels are custom ordered per customer specs therefore the order can not be canceled once invoice is paid. If the customer needs to have the order canceled then a 35% restocking will be applied. This means that if refund is approved the customer will be refunded the amount minus 35%.


LED Display - Please Read and understand, we don’t make this item, G4werkz isn’t educated in electronic wiring. This item is warrantied only to work once it gets to you. We test each and every led display before it leaves our shop. We have supplied you with the manual and YouTube video to help you install and understand the working of the LED. Professional installation is required. 

Alcantara - This option will add to the cost of the wheel.

Custom Carbon Fiber - This option will add to the cost of the wheel. 

Please contact G4werkz so that we can go over these for you. Email:, Phone 888-361-1555